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Balanced organisations and balanced leaders are urgently needed to meet the challenges of tomorrow, to build sustainable, networked organisations and deal effectively with society’s growing diversity.

Tomorrow’s leaders must be able to get the most from a team consisting of men and women of diverse ages, with varying cultural backgrounds. A new form of leadership is needed to transform the old ‘pyramids’ into new collaborative entities that are open to the diverse influences of a global world and local society.

The needed change is radical.

"Creating an inclusive work environment that invites true diversity of thought demands not only an economic, but also a personal transformation. There is a real need for balanced leaders who can call upon their masculine and feminine qualities."


“ Michèle Mees brings together two aspects which have remained relatively separate so far, i.e. awareness of the differences between men and women in the workplace and the need we all feel for new leadership.”

"A highly inspiring book that is easy to read because it is based on practical experience and contains genuine tips which can be applied directly as an individual, manager or leader."

"“In her book, Michèle Mees explains very clearly how a CEO can – and should – draw on the unique contribution of female talents in managing their business.”